2177 Third FAQs – Luxury Living in Dogpatch


What Floor Plans are Available?

2177 Third offers a variety of luxury condo floorplans. Please visit our website’s floor plan page to view the available options.

Can I Customize the Interior of my Condo?

Yes, you can customize your condo! We offer a design center where you can customize the interior of your condo to your preferences.

Are Pets Allowed in 2177 Third Residences?

Yes, pets are welcome at 2177 Third! We have a pet spaw to cater to their needs and make them feel at home as well.

What Types of Appliances are Included in 2177 Third Residences?

Our units come fully equipped! The list of appliances included in each unit can be found on our residences page here.

Does 2177 Third Have Storage Facilities for Residents?

Yes, storage facilities are available for purchase to provide you with extra space and security for your belongings.

Is there a Fitness Center or Gym on-Site?

Absolutely! We have a state-of-the-art fitness center on-site for all our residents to enjoy.

Can I Rent out my Condo like an Airbnb?

While renting out your condo is allowed, listing your residence on Airbnb & similar platforms is not allowed.


What Amenities Does 2177 Third Offer?

For a complete list of amenities, please refer to our website’s building page for more info!

Are There any Common Areas for Residents?

Yes, we have several well-designed common areas for residents to relax and socialize, like our resident lounge, rooftop deck, and co-working spaces.

Does 2177 Third Offer Concierge Services?

Yes, we provide an onsite concierge service to assist residents with various needs.

How Many Parking Spaces are Available?

The number of parking spaces available varies based on the unit. Please check with our sales team for unit-specific details.

Are there any Restrictions on Using the Building Facilities?

The gym, rooftop deck, and residence lounge have designated hours of operation to ensure a pleasant experience for all residents.

Is There a Community Room or Event Space?

Yes, we have a resident lounge, a rooftop deck, & a co-working space that can be used for events and gatherings. Please inquire about availability and booking procedures.

Does 2177 Third Have a Package Delivery System?

Yes, we have a mailroom in the lobby and Amazon lockers to ensure secure and convenient package deliveries.

Is There a Bike Storage Area for 2177 Third Residents?

Yes, we provide a bike storage area in the basement, along with a bike workshop for residents’ convenience.


Dogpatch Neighborhood

What Public Transportation Options are Available Nearby?

There is a Muni Metro with rail stops close by. Also, the Caltrain is a nearby public transportation option, providing easy access to various parts of San Francisco.

Are There any Annual Neighborhood Events?

While specific events may vary, the Dogpatch neighborhood often hosts various community gatherings and events.


What Cultural Attractions are in Dogpatch?

Dogpatch offers cultural attractions such as the Chase Center, Pier 70, and Crane Cove Park, providing a vibrant and dynamic neighborhood experience.

Is Dogpatch a safe neighborhood?

Yes, Dogpatch is a safe and thriving neighborhood.

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